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      1. Class 702

        A one-stop shop for supporting operational naval combat ships deployed to remote stations, the Class 702 combat support ship provides full NATO-standard liquid and solid replenishment at sea (RAS) capabilities that include ammunition, VERTREP, HIFR, heavy jackstay and up to four underway stanchions for the side RAS of four frigates simultaneously.

        In addition to RAS, this ship provides multi-purpose and force-multiplying logistics support via its extensive container capacity of 74 TEU, large and well-accessed cargo spaces, heavy deck cranes (2 x 24 t SWL), workshops, 2 x 10 t organic helicopters and workshop facilities. The ship can carry a large containerized modular hospital of 45 beds, four intensive care berths, and a full trauma operating theatre. This makes the 702 Class a major medical asset for casualty evacuation and treatment during combat operations or humanitarian/disaster relief operations.

        Technical Data

        Main Dimensions

        Length o.a. 173.7 m
        Beam max. 24.0 m
        Displacement ??????????? 19,850 t
        Speed ??????????? 20 kn
        Range 10,000 nm/14 kn
        ? ?

        Propulsion Plant

        ? ?
        Diesels ?2
        CPPs ?2
        bow thruster 1
        ? ?


        Crew 239
        ? ?


        10-t class 2
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