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        Frigate Class 124

        Combining toughness and fighting prowess the?Frigate Class 124?gives the German Navy long-range air defense capabilities and the potential for theater ballistic missile defense – both in home waters and in support of allied operations worldwide.

        These powerful fighting ships are prime examples of the?Marine Systems?design philosophy and technology: enhanced survivability through high levels of stealth, armored box girders, double skin bulkheads, separated independent departments and damage control areas, superb sea keeping, innovative CODAG (COmbined Diesel?And?Gas turbine)?propulsion, and outstanding helicopter operability. This ship's great versatility means it is ideally suited to the full range of frigate operations worldwide.

        Technical Data

        Main dimensions

        Length o.a. 143.0 m
        Beam max. 17.4 m
        Draught 5.0 m
        Displacement (approx.) 5,800 t
        Speed max. 28 kn
        Range?????????????????????????? 6,000 nm/15 kn
        ? ?

        Propulsion plant

        CODAG (COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine)?????
        CPP (Controllable Pitch Propeller) 2
        Diesels MTU 20 V 1163 2
        Gas Turbine GE LM 2500 1
        ? ?


        Crew 150
        Supernumerary 40
        ? ?


        10 t 2?
        ? ?

        Combat system

        Theatre C3I ?
        Sensors and Weapons for AAW, ASW, ASuW
        Special Forces ?
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