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      1. HDW Class 212A – supreme stealth

        HDW Class 212A submarines can rightly be called the ultimate in German submarine technology.

        This compact, air-independent non-nuclear submarine stands out for its high payloads of sensors, communication equipment, weapon control systems and weapons. Great attention has been paid to on-board efficiency and energy management. Air-independent propulsion (AIP) along with the non-magnetic construction and acoustically optimized equipment has produced a submarine that is nearly impossible to detect. The HDW fuel cell system coupled with a PERMASYN® motor enables this submarine to spend long periods submerged with low indiscretion rates. Other outstanding features include integrated weapon command and control systems, a low crew complement thanks to high levels of automation, an "undisturbed" combat information center (CIC) thanks to the double-deck configuration, and weapon tubes with water pressure launching systems.

        Changing mission profiles and ongoing technological advances have led to a number of modifications in the second batch of HDW Class 212A submarines:
        Integration of a communications system suitable for use in network-centric warfare scenarios
        Installation of integrated German sonar and command weapon and control systems
        Replacement of the flank array sonar with a superficial lateral antenna
        Replacement of one periscope by an optronic mast
        Integration of a diver lock-out system

        HDW Class 212A submarines excel with their capability to operate from deep submerged positions far offshore or in extremely shallow waters.

        Technical Data


        1st Batch


        2nd Batch

        LOA ~ 56 m ? ~ 57 m
        Pressure hull ? ~ 7 m ? ~ 7 m
        Surface displ. ~ 1,450 t ? ~ 1,500 t
        Hight incl. sail ~ 11.5 m ? ~ 11.5 m
        Weapon tubes 6 ? 6
        Crew 28 ? 28
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