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        MEKO® A-100 Patrol Corvette - affordable power

        Though the smallest version of the A-200 family with a displacement of 2,250 tons, the MEKO® A-100 patrol corvette delivers powerful and flexibly scalable performance from a compact and very affordable platform.

        This ship retains the aviation support and mission modularity features of the bigger A-100 vessels and can be upgraded to 3-D warfare utilizing the full spectrum of the MEKO® platform, combat system and mission modularity technologies. This inherent performance growth potential allows for acquisition of the ship in a basic and very cost-effective configuration for patrol and surveillance roles – with the prospect of easy upgradability to full combat roles should the need arise.

        • Platform: Incorporates flexible design standards for survivability and signature reduction, while offering flexible propulsion options in the power and make of the diesels, as well as the incorporation of an electric propulsion mode through the addition of PTI motors.
        • Combat system: Scalable state-of-the-art C3 system with an integrated advanced sensor suite featuring a powerful hard- and soft-kill weapon and effector load; upgrade potential for up to 12 VL SAM cells, up to 8 heavy anti-ship missiles, CWS, ECM decoys and ASW torpedoes.
        • Sea keeping: Good beam, bow shape and raised forecastle ensuring highly stable and dry platform for sustained operations in rough seas and safe operation of an organic 11-ton helicopter from the large flight deck.

        Technical Data

        Main dimensions

        Length over all 98.5 m
        Beam max. 14.0 m
        Displacement (approx.)??????? 2,250 t
        Range 4,500 nm/14 kn
        ? ?

        Propulsion plant

        CODAD (COmbined Diesel And Diesel) ?
        CPPs 2
        6 MW diesels 2
        ? ?


        Crew 65
        Supernumerary??????????? 20
        ? ?


        1 x 11 ton or 1 x 5 ton + 1 UAV?
        ? ?

        Mission flexibility

        Up to 6 TEU-sized mission modules?
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