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        Premises thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Hamburg

        Travel instructions by car . . .

        . . . coming along the highway/Autobahn A1 from direction Hannover/Bremen, or from direction Lübeck. A1 to motorway crossing Hamburg Süd, on the A255 direction Centrum, Veddel, at Veddel exit to port (sign "Freihafen"), direction free port toll booth - Veddel, behind the toll booth after the railway underpass?right in direction Ro?-Schuppen drive 51 - 90 along the "Veddeler Damm", turn right into the Reiherdamm after approx. 1.5 km (direction Steinwerder), follow the road, after approx. 500 m: Hermann-Blohm-Stra?e.

        . . . coming along the highway/Autobahn A 7 from direction Hannover/Bremen or from direction Flensburg, A7 until Waltershof exit, harbour, high bridge, direction port ("Freihafen"), behind the toll booth turn left onto the K?hlbrandbrücke (bridge), straight ahead after the K?hlbrandbrücke in direction "Steinwerder, Centrum", after approx. 1 km in a right curve over the Ellerholzbrücke. Turn left after the bridge at the 1st set of traffic lights in direction "Steinwerder", follow the road, after approx. 500 m: Hermann-Blohm-Stra?e.

        Travel instructions by train . . .

        . . . coming from Hamburg main station S-Bahn line S1 or S3 in direction Altona until Landungsbrücken stop, cross the pedestrian bridge at the building Landungsbrücken to the "Alter Elbtunnel", through the "Alter Elbtunel", follow the road. Go past the main entrance Blohm+Voss?(after approx. 300 m).

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        thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH
        Hermann-Blohm-Str. 3
        20457 Hamburg, Germany
        P.O. Box 10 07 20
        20005 Hamburg, Germany
        Phone: +49 431?700 0
        Fax: +49 431?700 2312

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